App Previews – And what we do.

Lately you may have noticed that the Apple App store is now accepting ‘App Previews‘ for your Apps page. Well we were quick to create one for a customer and then to show off what it is exactly.

Here’s one we have just finished –


Of course, on the App store, you would’t see the black on either side.

But that is an App preview, and it’s really ver basic but get’s the message across, what you app does.



Basic rules for an App Preview on the IOS store –

1. No longer than 30 seconds.

2. Must be made up from a screen capture of your App in action.

3. Can’t be an advert. So, no dazzling graphics and developers logos.

4. You can have a voice over explaining things, that’s ok.


And that’s pretty much it.

So if you are interested in One Post Media Production, making you an App Preview for the App store, then why don’t you give us a call, or flick us an email and we will talk about what we can do for your business.