Businesses look great with animated explainer videos

It doesn’t matter how amazing your product is, if people don’t know anything about the product and features – or if you can’t tell them about it in an interesting groovy way – you’ll never turn an OK business into an amazing one.

That’s where animated explainer videos comes in. Explainer videos let companies big and small tell the world about what they do in an innovative, engaging and clever way. About 30-90 seconds long, animated explainer videos reach out to your target audience, effectively bumping them on the arm and saying, “Hey! Check us out! Explore why we’re worth paying attention to.”

And that’s my friends is the point. Animated Explainer videos let you turn a product/app that might be perceived as dull or complicated into something that’s groovy, interesting and fun. We’re not talking about shoving someone in front of a video camera and getting them to blabber on for five minutes’ straight; we’re talking about creating a work of art that hooks your audience in and makes them want to download your product, sign up to your service or meet you in person.

Animation, graphics, humour, music … They all get together to tell the world a unique story about your business, brand and product.

Struggling for inspiration? Here are some great explainer videos from around the Web. Need a hand producing your own explainer video? Have a chat with the friendly team at Video4apps.


Kiwibank explains the OCR, produced by Onepost


TOWER SmartDriver App, from TOWER Insurance


Lion Nutrition asks, “Is sugar evil?” Produced by Onepost


Dollar Shave Club, delivering razors straight to your door


FreshBooks Cloud Accounting


Sevenly, saving the world with one t-shirt at a time


Summer of Tech, produced by Video4apps


Oscar Health Insurance


Honda – Go Everywhere