Using animation 2D/3D to explain your product.


Explainer videos are becoming essential to have on the front page of your website. They can clearly show your viewers, what your company does and how to use your service. Or even how to use your website or App.

Here’s a video we just completed. we jazzed up a plain ol’ video with funky hand drawn imagery to explain what Student Job Search is about.


Check it out here –

 All imagery, design by the talented Lisa Nicole Moes.


Another explainer video worth checking out that we made, was this one for Duncan Coteril. Using just graphics, animation and stock imagery we can make the whole production a lot cheaper.


Check it out here –

NZ video service, Auckland video service and Wellington video service

If you are are looking for an explainer video, no matter where your situated in New Zealand or in the big wide world, we can help. We can fully script/plan out your next video and then Animate. And of course, not only do we provide high quality corporate video, but we also provide a website and SEO service, that you can use to create a Stella online presence for your company.